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    Breathe Your Way to Health

    Are you breathing the right way? Yes! You would be surprised to know that almost 80% of us do not know how to breathe properly. But don’t worry! Pooja Tyagi tells you how to breath your way to a healthy life.

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The significance health and fitness lies in the equilibrium of body and mind, the body take less effort than shaping the mind. So, the health doesn’t means that your body is in shape but your mind should also be healthy. Your health & fitness brings the confidence in you and raise the quality of life in you. The things could be little tough initially and for that you need to clear your mind of ‘can’t’. If you are looking for best online magazine in Dubai and india on health than order us now!


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We are a bunch of muddle heads, who want to change the world one “salute” at a time! We want people to say Salaam to themselves, say Salaam to their weaknesses, say Salaam to their fears, say Salaam to all the negative suggestions and thoughts around them and say Salaam to their life!
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