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We all have been searching for this mysterious "object". Sometimes in the serene Himalaya Mountains and sometimes in a neighbourhood meditation class. But have we really found it? Find out what Lucky Tyagi has to say..

Peace... is something we all crave in today's times of stress overload... but perhaps we are looking in the wrong places.

Peace...the Webster dictionary itself gives 5 different definitions of Peace...which alone goes to show how multifaceted the word is...

Peace means different things to different people & it can also mean different things to the same person... 

For a young mother peace could be suckling & then rocking her baby to sleep...For the same young mother, peace could be those few precious breaths she catches without the baby clamouring for her attention. ..

Peace for some one at work could be the 10-minute coffee break between an arduous shift....

Peace for another could be non stop work at their computer, oblivious to the world. ..almost in a meditative state...

For some the hills & mountains evoke peace, for some the calming waters of lakes & ponds etc denote peace & then there are others who find peace in the crashing waves of the sea....


As a child I often used to wonder why all the yogis upped & went to the Himalayas to meditate... So i asked my mother. .

She told me they chose the Himalayas because it was peaceful there.. & that made me wonder as to whether Peace is subject to external circumstances or is it something we carry within...


 The question stayed with me...

Then I had this funny experience with peace..

A few years ago, my office was very close to a bustling shopping mall.

Oftentimes in my lunch hour I’d go & sit on a bench in the crowded mall with people milling around me, the symphony of sounds at times turned into a cacophony & yet I would sit there feeling still, calm & peaceful... Attached yet not...

That is when it dawned on me with clarity...that no matter how chaotic or turbulent our circumstances, emotions or life.... We always carry an Oasis of peace within us....

All we need is the awareness to access it...

So wonderful beautiful tribe I’d love to know what does peace mean to each one of you....

& It would be inspiring to hear from you about a situation that was all chaos on the outside...but you made it to your inner oasis of peace..????

Also after the meditation do share what insight or learning you got from we can all learn & grow together ...

Peace to ye all...


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Luckey Tyagi is a writer, motivational speaker, Oasis Certified Educator & Creator of the Myriad Mad Musings Workshops.
In her words: "My purpose in life is to empower people to discover & own their magic & facilitate in allowing them to be seen & heard in all their glory. I believe in the " Educator / Facilitator " model & not in the " Expert telling people what to do " model."

She can be contacted at:


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