Discover Vienna and fall in love with the city of Klimt and Shiele

Take a walk through the imperial and baroque streets as our founder explores the historical by-lanes of Vienna...

Vienna/Wien is the capital of Austria and is close to the border of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. A city so beautiful and full of history, music and architecture that the entire City Centre has been designated as the Unesco World Heritage Site.


Historically, the city has been home to legends such as Mozzart (and hence the name “the City of Music”), Dr. Sigmund Freud (we know why Vienna is also known as the “City of Dreams”), Adolf Hitler, Egon Shiele, Gustav Klimt and many more names, it is a place, which has something for everyone. From Opera theatres to art museums to vintage cafes to clubs to high street shopping, Vienna serves a cultural, historical, fun travel mix for all ages and all kinds of travellers.

The city’s rich classic architecture includes Baroque castles and gardens, grand buildings, and parks. Even today, the entire city centre is lined with beautiful artistic building and brands like H&M and Zara are housed in beautiful baroque style buildings.


In terms of cultural diversity, the city has come a long way since the days of Nazi rule. Vienna is now inhabited by different nationalities and different religions and it even houses an Isckon temple! Vienna is a melting pot of history, art, music and vibrance that resonates with young millenials. On one hand you have Unesco world heritage sites and art museums, while on the other hand you have streets buzzing with shoppers,  tourists and revellers.


How to Go:

If you are an EU resident or a resident of countries like Switzerland, US, New Zealand, Australia Israel, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, most of the South American nations, you do not need any visa for a stay up to 90 days. Other nationals would need a Schengen visa.


When To Go:

Best weather and time t go around July and August. It is mostly sunny, however, it may rain unexpectedlyJ


Where to Stay:

Any hotel or Air BnB accommodation, within your budget, in and around the city centre, close to the Museum District should be your best bet. There are several high end hotels like The Ring, Le Meridien, Ritz Carlton as well as some budget hotels located around the Museum District.

Special mention: The 68 room hotel “The Ring” used to be an old Palace, which has now been converted to this beautiful hotel. The hotel has a historical lift and old tiling on the staircase, which is complimented by contemporary designs of the rooms.

The Ring:



How to Commute:

Vienna is extremely travel friendly and public transport is easily accessible. From the airport, an S line is an economic way to travel to the city. The Fare starts from Euro 3.90. One can also choose to travel by the non-stop City Airport Train (CAT), where the fares are Euro 12 (one way) and euro 21 (return). The CAT and the ÖBB ticket counter can be` found in the arrivals hall. The ticket machines are also located in the arrivals hall, the passages to the platforms and on the platforms. 

For travelling within the city, one can take the Vienna PASS. The Vienna PASS is Tailor-made for visitors to Vienna and includes:


·       Free entry into over 60 of Vienna’s most popular attractions and museums, including the Imperial Palace, Schönbrunn Zoo and the Natural History Museum

·       Unlimited use of the HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS buses for the duration of the pass (1, 2, 3 or 6 days).

·       Free guidebook 

·       Fast Track Entry to a number of Vienna’s top attractions

·       Optional travelcard for Vienna's public transport network.


The cost and other details can be found at


What to Do:

We have listed below, 10 must do things, when visiting Vienna:


1)     Attend an Opera Concert:

If there is one thing that you must not miss in Vienna is attending an Opera Concert. You can find young men dressed as Wolfgang Mozzart selling opera concert tickets at the city centre near Theater an der Wien. The one not to be missed is performed at the Orangery, Schönbrunn Palace (can be booked through Viennasightseeing). There are options of combining the concert with the Palace tour. Then there are other concerts such as the one at the Schönborn Palace. Whichever concert you choose, it is an experience not to be missed.

More information can be found at:


 2)     The Museums Quarter:

This Museums quarter is the most vibrant hangout place in Vienna and consists of the Leopold Museum, MUMOK, Kindermuseum, Zoom and others. The place is extremely full of energy yet so peaceful and has become the meeting place for the young millenials.

You can either choose to visit separate museums or take a combined pass, which gives you access to different museums. However, Leopold Museum must not be missed, which houses the largest collection of Egon Shiele’s work.

More information can be found at:





3)     The Schönbrunn Palace:

The Palace is a Baroque palace, which was the summerhouse for the Habsburg monarchy. The Palace is a Unesco world Heritage Site and there are various tour options for the palace such as the Imperial Tour, Grand Tour, Winter Pass. The tours are designed to give you access to different parts of the Palace as a combination. You can also take separate tickets to just visit the beautiful Café Gloriette, surrounded by water and garden. The view from the terrace is something one must never miss. There are also other attractions such the maze garden, the children’s museum (showcasing the life if the Imperial children) and the Privy Garden. For more information, visit:


 4)     The Belvedere Palace:

This is another Baroque Palace, which houses the largest collection of Gustav Klimt’s work, including the world’s most famous “Kiss” (1908). The Palace houses a panaromic coffee shop and a beautiful garden where residents can be seen walking, running and exercising.




5)     The Hofburg Palace and the city centre around it:

This is also an Imperial Palace of the Habsburg monarchy. The Palace and the area around the palace is worth visiting. Surrounded by beautiful cafes, shopping streets, fountains, the place is always buzzing with life!


6)     St. Stephen’s Cathedral:

This church, which is the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna is built in a roman and gothic style and is locate don one of the busiest streets in Vienna. The church is kind of an icon for the city and its breathtaking beauty makes it a must see place in Vienna.


7)     Mariahilfer Strabe:

This is the busiest shopping street in Vienna and I surrounded by Unesco World Heritage sites. If you’re lucky, you may sometimes witness the processions hosted by the Isckon Temple in Vienna. The beauty of this place is the contrast of modern brands against the picturesque Baroque structures. Most of the shops and stores are housed in beautiful Baroque and imperial buildings.



8)     The Naschmarkt:

Naschmarkt is the popular street market in Vienna located over the covered river bed of the Vienna river. You can find exotic herbs, spices, wine, tea, nuts from all over the world in Naschmarkt. In addition to this, there are also small shops selling souvenirs, clothing from India and Nepal and other interesting knick-knacks. There are a number of restaurants serving Thai, Chinese, Indian and other cuisines. A must visit shop-Schoko Company, that is famous for its wide range of Zotter chocolates.

Schoko Company:


9)    Tours of the Danube:
 The full day and half day picturesque tours of the Danube are a must if you are visiting Vienna. The tours are managed by Vienna Sightseeing and cost under 100Euros per person. There are also day trips to Salzburg, Budapest, Prague and Bratislava.

More information ca be found at :



10) Cafes in Vienna:

Vienna is a city filled with Imperial cafes. One of them and our absolute fav: Café Demel Café Demel/Demel Confectionery was started in the year 1786 by confectionery assistant Ludwig Dehne. Ludwig Dehne’s son August sold the shop in 1857 to his first assistant Christoph Demel. Demel’s sons Josef and Carl were the ones who, in the end, consequentially named the confectionery K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker Ch. Demel’s Söhne (‘Imperial and Royal Court Confectionery Bakery Ch. Demel’s Sons’). The Demel confectionery now stands in one line with the Hofburg (castle courtyard). The confectionery is famous for its cakes, pastries and desserts. Bear in mind that you will always have to wait about 20-30 minutes before you may get a table!

Café Demel:





Here are some more pictures for you to take a virtual viennese tour: 

The beautiful nautical Vienna Airport!

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