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What does motherhood hold for us?

Everything has changed. And yet I'm more me than I've ever been. These beautiful words by Iain Thomas remind us of our wonderful world of motherhood. We ask three beautiful supermoms, how do they see motherhood and we heard some thought provoking and some simple yet interesting responses.

Meet our Mothers
Deevyyaa Goel is a lawyer and a company secretary and mother to a 5 year old boy. She is a busy working mother and like most of us, she is managing work, home and family all in day's time. This is what she had to share:
I'm a mother only a mother
I'm not sure if my frail existence can shoulder the burden of Herculean tags like supermom, supermother.. super human..

Yes my life revolves around my child but I still want to follow my dreams, I still like to revel in senseless and endless banter with my girlfriends and male friends (if that qualifies as a legit phrase)

I'm pretty much doing things which everybody else's doing everywhere on this planet.
Like everybody else, my usual day is long and tiring which comprises of getting up early, cooking meals for everyone in family, managing helps, driving in the maddening city traffic (literally, I live in Delhi), handling work.. client related, vendor related and employee related issues, handling stares and prejudices with grace and much more..

But then, I wonder what sets me apart and makes me a mother?

Well, after all this I still manage to jump around, laugh, talk, share and listen to stories, dance with natural fervency -- that I guess makes me a mother and I realise while I write that it's my child who makes me a mother
As someone rightly said a child gives birth to a mother.
Rakhee Gandhi is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman and mother to two beautiful kids- a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. Here are Rakhee's thoughts:
Its 6:00 AM, Sunday morning and just as my clock ticks away I feel my heart skip a beat!
For any other, I'd be an exhilarated supermommy all peppy and stimulated well lets just say something like a deep fried patty ready to be served as the most mouth-watering palatable dish of the day! Worse-luck as I extend my clear sighted antennas, just to discover my day looks nothing better than a doolally, nutsy one and Im only being really nice here.
Toot-toot, clap-clap I play the regular beats to wake these balls of butter who will soon rout and over power my being. As Im dressing them to school my in house, Merida, literally a clone of the character, my daughter a powerful and independent girl, I realise doesn't need me anymore! Wicked, how time has flown. Racing along to get them to school spot on time, so I can reinvent my avataar for today thinking what will it be?
Does this scenario sound familiar? Is that avataar ever unleashed by you? 
 Shagun Udhas is a blogger and mother to two pretty girls. Her thoughts? here you go
I am Shagun - a woman in Dubai and this is How I am know on social media :) A loving wife, mommy to 2 gorgeous girls, banker by profession, lifestyle blogger at out of passion to create something I will look back at and cherish!
There are so many women out there who are doing incredible things to better the world in one way or another along with being the basic woman so I don’t count myself as someone who is doing a great job ! I just believe in doing everything wholeheartedly and genuinely and know that everything falls into place at the end of the day !
Ups and downs are a part of life but teach us all such a great deal hence I cherish memories - good or bad both :)

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    A wonderful initiative, supportive and positive. Keep up the great work. Long live the sisterhood!

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