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As part of Salaam Life's initiative,we share some simple yet inspiring stories!

Have you ever thought? I wish I looked like Angelina Jolie! Or I wish I was as rich as Bill Gates! Or oh they are all so perfect!!! 

But, do you think everyone's born perfect? Or what we see in others, is that the entire truth? Don't you feel there's always some imperfection or fear or inhibition that these successful people also have? 
So, what is it that makes these not so perfect people look perfect? You know what? All these people know how to live their life, how to conquer their weaknesses, their imperfections, how to ignore what others may say to discourage them, how to become comfortable in their own skin! 
They know that they  HaveHeartWillLive
So, taking inspiration from these perfect people, team SalaamLife has started this beautiful journey, where we will hear stories from all of you wonderful people, wherever in the world you may be!We want to hear what you feel is your weakness and why you think so- perhaps, it's only other people's opinion. 
But most importantly, we want to hear from you that you HaveHeartWillLive    
Here are the first few stories that we received:
 Violet D’Souza, UAE
Meet Violet D'Souza, a happy, hardworking woman working in the UAE. Violet was a young mother with an infant baby girl and a toddler boy, when her husband went to Mumbai for a job assignment. Little did she know, that a phone call from her husband 25 years back would be their last ever conversation. While he said he'd be coming to pick them up in week's time, his calls, messages and letters stopped suddenly and till date no body really knows what happened to him or where he is. Violet left her young kids with her grandmother and came to the Middle East. With her hard work she is now raising her kids and hoped for a good future for them. She came where she is right now putting all her pain and suffering behind and without any help from anyone. She never got closure for she doesn't know whether her husband is dead or alive, but she is still living with a hope for a happy life for her kids. She enjoys clicking selfies and spending time with her friends. She still thanks god for whatever she has achieved in her life and still enjoys each day as it comes. She shows the world the true meaning of #HaveHeartWillLive.

 Thanks Violet for allowing us to share your wonderful story. 


  Karteekka Tyaggi, Founder Salaam Life

 As part of the initiative by @saysalaamlife, I want to share with you all, my story. I have really come a long way from a submissive, shy, rolly-polly, chubby child and teenager to an over talkative, fearless, confident (and perhaps also dominating sometimes) entrepreneur. Born into a very progressive education focused family, where women were encouraged equally to have an independent career and do whatever they want to do in their life, I always had leadership qualities within me and consequently I was always a good student and was always ahead of my peers in debates, competitions, science projects, creative curriculum as well as studies. But as children, sometimes we get under peer pressure and start believing what other people tell us. When other kids in school and college would mock my obesity and overweight (sometimes knowingly and sometime unknowingly), rather than appreciating my good qualities, I started believing that looks play a very important part in shaping one's life. I believed in this so much that I was on the verge of being anorexic. However, because of what my father and mother had inculcated in us, the values they had given to us, and as both my parents would always encourage us to reach and aim for the best in whatever we do, I was able to realize that it's one's caliber, courage, and qualities that shape one's life and looks have nothing to do with it.

It was this realization and my family's constant encouragement, which made me spring back to life and reach where I am today. 

And as I now say #HaveHeartWillLive. Today, I am pursuing everything that is close to my heart and believe in myself totally



 Tina Mateen, UAE

Growing up , my father used to always explain the importance of failure in success. I never believed him, how can failing in life be a positive process!? - as years went by and I witnessed different scenarios in life it made me understand the importance of failure and the fact that there is no shame in failure. When I was in London, I once got rejected for what could be my dream job, a football news presenter. It made me feel low and dejected for a long time. Two years later I'm now in Dubai working as a Publicist and going back to the whole episode it made me think that it was the failure of rejection which motivated me to do better than what I was doing. We are human and are afraid of failure , it's natural but my only advice would be to "wear your failure like a badge of glory, and you'll remember it during your success." . . . . . . . 




 Lucky Tyagi, India


Thanking this initiative to inspire many through sharing... @saysalaamlife ... Here's my story of crumbling & collapsing to be rebirthed as a star to light up many lives by sharing... If i can do it .. so can you.


When my heart broke into a million pieces on finding my boyfriend & my best friend cheating on me & each shard instead of falling apart chose to embed itself in my skin on its way to wounding my soul....I SOBBED WHY ME..?? When I was jilted almost at the altar (with, just can't go against my family being the only reason or solace offered)... ALL I SCREAMED LIKE A BANSHEE WAS..WHY ME..?? When my husband beat me black & blue & insulted me without even making a pretense of finding an excuse, & when I was losing​ my sanity in solitary confinement , trapped in a ruthless marriage...MY ONLY COHERENT THOUGHT WAS ..WHY ME..?? When I was rummaging for pennies all over the house to scrounge enough to buy meds for my sick daughter & ultimately even stole the money from someone ...mired in guilt & shame...ALL I COULD WHISPER TO GOD WAS...WHY ME..?? When I was tormented each day for birthing only daughters & finally turned out onto the roads at midnight with my baby daughters...I STRUGGLED TO UNDERSTAND... WHY ME..?? When I literally had to beg the school management to let my girls stay in school despite their fees being majorly delayed...stripped of all dignity.. walking home in a haze of tears...I ONLY WONDERED..WHY ME..?? & Finally when a lovingly set up flourishing business went kaput due to being stabbed in the back by a business partner that I had mentored from a young girl & thought of as was a double blow... THAT LEFT ME NOT EVEN WITH THE STRENGTH TO QUESTION ..WHY ME..?? & Now I have my answer...each time I was CRUMBLING. I was working toward the COLLAPSE...

The collapse leading to my rebirth...making me the STAR I am today.... SHINING.. for my self, my daughters, my supportive family & countless others , up the way for all those who are cracking, crumbling & collapsing.. #HaveHeartWillLive


 Haroon Tahir, UAE


 Growing up, I was always told that I had to fit into a box. I could either be good at math or write poetry at school. When I wanted to study both Economics and Journalism at university, I was told that I could either be good at analytics or creativity. When I got to working full-time, I was told that I will have to choose between being an avid content creator or getting my work done on time. I'm so blessed to have been able to prove the naysayers wrong and do all these things and more. It is only our nature to put others into a box or assign a particular label to them to make things simpler. But don’t ever think there is anything wrong in being multifaceted. Never let a single label define you.




Priya Prasana, UAE

Hi there! Do you believe in patience? Patience & perseverance are the two good qualities which every individual should posses.

In the above picture, you see me as a happy person standing along with my beautiful little daughter. But I did have very bad times in the past! 

Every woman struggles in her life, especially after getting married. Mine was completely different! What could be so bad than your own relatives and the people around you showing you racism? Do you all know how bad it hurts? How hard it could be when someone just wounds you by words, just for the color of your skin? Have you personally experienced it? Well, I did! 

I got married to a gem of a man, but one who had the exactly opposite skin tone. Yes, he was very fair and I was brown! In a few days, after getting married happily, still in college, I had to face the worst part of my life! In comparing with the color always, and could you imagine I have stood almost, for 16 hrs and do nothing except crying ! Can I share this with my parents or grandparents? They would just die in an attack about thinking that or it’s going to be worse of throwing this so unhealthy life and be on my own! 

Can I or No ? Can I or No? This is what kept haunting me! But one fine day I decided to speak up myself and I observed that my patience through out the crisis, was the one which yielded me a result - That’s my Life

My husband would never talk about it, being the most lovable person, but for all who spoke behind me building grape vine tales, have to keep their mouth shut, for all the good qualities I had, and how my family has been taken care of! 

It’s my humble request, for everyone not to compare anyone with skin tone, or color, look into for good hearted people, kind hearted people, there are plenty in the world with good souls! If you have been like me, or if you have been the other way around, just apologize to yourself for what you have done, and treat, respect all people same!




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