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Tête-à-tête with Legendary Asha Bhosle, ahead of her concert in Dubai

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Asha Bhosle, the name that has become synonymous with music, be it the classical tones, the soul-stirring bhajans, melodious love songs or the peppy dance tunes, she has sung them all.
As we gear up for her concert taking place this Friday, November 3rd at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, we were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the legend herself and hear her share some beautiful life lessons. Dressed in a beautiful light green Saree, she gleamed like a diva and as she sat for the press meet, we could only look at her in awe trying hard to believe that we were actually sitting so close to Asha Taai, as she is fondly called by her fans across the world.  
When asked about her inspiration, she said, inspiration comes from god and constant efforts. In order to get inspired and perform good, one must keep working hard and one must strive to achieve the best. 
Her modesty and her gratitude towards God was evident from the anecdote that she shared at the press meet. A song that she finally learnt and sung, to which she had initially said no, fearing that she would not be able to sing something with someone so high in stature as Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.  
When asked by someone, whether she ever felt contented by her music career or whether she ever felt that she has sung enough and has spent enough number of years as a singer, her answer was extremely simple. She only said, there's never such a feeling as being content. "While listening to any of my own songs, I always feel, I could have done better", said the modest singer. While on the subject, she shared another interesting incident saying that she would never be satisfied until she knew that she hasn't given her best. while recording "O Mere Sona Re" for the legendary R D Burman, she couldn't sleep the entire night and she finally called R D Burman saying that she hasn't recorded the song properly and she would re-record at her expense. It was only when Burman called her back to let her know it was all ok and the song had come out perfectly fine that she could get back to sleep. And we all know how that song has become one of her finest! While sharing this anecdote, she didn't miss the opportunity to add some humour, when she said all the bengali origin music composers had reversed the whole system and they would make the artists record the songs for 7-8 hours as opposed to the "more disciplined" punjabi composers.
With a singing career spanning across 75 years (the singer started at the age of 10!), Asha Taai said she never listens to her own songs and putting it more aptly in the vernacular version "Apne gaane sun ne ko Kantaal Aata Hai" (It is boring to listen to one's own songs), which resulted in a burst of laughter at the press meet. 
In her own words, one should always keep working and never sit still, as it is important to live one's life happily and with pride. The moment one feels that one is getting old enough to enjoy life, that is the end of everything. Even at the age of almost 85, she still sings, cooks, does the household chores and sometimes even dances! 
When asked about who her favorite singer is from the new generation of singers, she gave a kiddish smile and asked back if that question really has to be answered. After thinking for a few minutes, she only had to say 
"God has stopped producing vocal chords like my sister, Rafi, Kishore, Manna De, Hemant Kumar and she doesn't see anyone who comes close to all these old legends."
On the subject of re-mixes of old songs, her opinion was fairly moderate. She is not against re-mixes, if done properly, keeping the original music and the original composition intact in its spirit (such as her own album "Rahul & I"). She, however, has an issue with re-mixes which are done by people with little knowledge of music and which take away the spirit of the composition. 
Finally, did she sing? Yes of course! The audience were blessed to hear her deliver a few lines from two of her favourite songs: "Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar" and "O Mere Sona Re
She also added that she is happy to come to Dubai for a concert, a city where she comes frequently for personal visits for her restaurant Asha's and some general leisure trips. "I'm happy to come here for a concert and if god willing I'll come for more concerts in future", said the singer. We are definitely looking forward to hear this legendary voice live in concert.
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