Simplicity Is The Pure White Light Lived From Within

Have you ever visited a place which makes you feel this is what you were searching for? And that's the feeling perhaps that one gets from this beautiful temple Prati Pandharpur located near Lonavala, a picturesque hill station in Mahrashtra, India. Rakhee Gandhi shares her travel diaries as she and her family explore this beautiful sanctuary...

Prati Pandharpur is a temple located near the beautiful hills of Lonavala, adorned with waterfalls. The temple is a replica of a very famous temple located in Padharpur in Mahrashtra, India and hence, the name- Prati Pandharpur



DAY 1:

To get to this abode its best to take a flight to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Being loyals to the home grown airline, we flew Emirates and it has always been hands down the best service and a comforting airline for me and hubby with the cherry on top with all that variety of channels for our children to keep them miles away from boredom. The flight from Dubai to Mumbai is a three-hour flight inclusive of take-off and touch down time. Literally like just an arm’s reach; isn’t it tempting?


We recommend a stay at the Juhu Mariott whilst in Mumbai for the more luxury treats or the Bawa Continental at Juhu for a decent welcome and breakfast inclusive for a slightly stiff pocket (in case you are tempted to get down to all those shopping boutiques in Juhu and Bandra).

Day 2:

We set out on the roads with our driver. Take a note, its very easy to get a decent deal with the car lift companies to fix you a driver at an affordable rate and yes, there can be room for a generous negotiating skill here:)


It is human essence to turn a blind eye to what nature unfolds for us at some point in our lives to better understand the simple law of life. Where the world is smaller but so much more fuller of love and dearer than ever. I will always stop hence on and touch that butterfly, feel the fresh scent of raindrops on my face, chase the waters as they softly make ripples on that sand, marvel when the crab clicks his pinchers, always be grateful for the beams of light passing through those cotton textured clouds and just be happy. This is the king of all experiences we as a family had on our way to the Kunegaon district to set base at Lonavala. Readers, it’s a two and a half hour treat to the soul and senses!


We check in to “the most looked forward to” the Della Resorts. An ultra chic hotel set on a mountain and boasts views incomparable. Make a note here, a decent resort room would cost you anything from Dhs. 800 onwards for the month of December. Della is a family owned and managed resort and I talk with my experience they leave no room for better as they strive for service par excellence. With a 24 hour spa (yes, you've read this right!) and an outdoor pool and 5 restaurants, the flagship one being operated all 24-hours; its indeed quite an amazing place to look out for round the clock..literally! Doesn’t it sound so much fun!


Well my travel team suggests being here for at least a minimum of two nights to be able to explore and satiate your curiosity for the many flavors Della has to offer. A promise you would want to go back for more:)

Day 3:

We were still hotel residents with Della, and we decided to explore one of the oldest and a fascinating temple about 9 KM from our hotel and we pass the stunning corridors of the Pavna Dam with waters so calm and very handsome looking picture trails to keep you stopping for more. Alas! We have arrived in the oasis of history and we sight a quiet temple laminated in white and feels like the pearl of the mountains.


Simplicity is the pure white light lived from within. Such were the tranquil first impressions we had at this sanctuary Prati Pandharpur. How soothed was I to be at this abode where raw life found a deeper meaning and has started me thinking yet again about the mind's sensitivity to consciousness and around. These are the insights you experience while you discover this majestic abode.


This is located in the Dhudhivare village a few kilometers away from the famous Lohagard fort. The idols in this temple are very beautiful and are carved out of marble with ancient art penned on the roof and an impressive chandelier hangs from the dome. Take a walk by the lush green garden and untouched forests at both your ends to give you that nature’s kick. Surely, this is a tastefully designed work of art. We head out after our curiosity has been justified and many senses were now active. Well that night I stuck to the plan. The plan was to just keep it simple and relax at the Della Spa. Boy, was that a treat! True, there’s tonic strength in the pursuit of self awakening. #lifeisacelebration#


How To Get Here
Follow signs towards the Pavna Dam after the Lonavala district. Cross the famous Lohgad Fort and reach the Prati Pandharpur temple. The total distance from the dam to the Prati Pandharpur is around 7.5KM. This is nestled in the ghats (mountains) and the walk to get there is about 2KM with breath taking views of the valleys, greens and water cascades. The best season to head here is mid-July to mid-August to relish the waterfalls. Between December and February are the cooler drier months and March until May can get warmer here.    

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Rakhee is a business woman, an entrepreneur and mother to two gorgeous kids-an 8 year old girl and a 5 year old boy.

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  1. Bharati gajria

    Have been to lonavala numerous times but never knew about this place.the above article is so well written.keep it up. Next visit to lonavala will surely want to see this place.thanks rakhee for this wonderful information

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