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Jamoon's Top Picks Of The Month!

If there’s one thing that Jamoon doesn’t share, that is food! Let’s just say Joey’s sister! Binge watching friends with nachos and cheese is her favorite pastime! Read on to see as Jasmine Jose of Kala Jamoon gives us her top three food picks for the month!

1. Coffeetea:


We've got coffee, we've got tea. But now we've got Coffeetea. I'm sure there are a few who love coffee and tea equally (just like me) and sometimes it's pretty hard to decide on what you want to drink. Like how Dubai is the land of impossible, a cute little cafe in Waterfront Market Deira called Coffeetea has invented a new signature drink called 'coffeetea' where in you get both coffee and tea in one cup. As much as it sounds impossible, it tastes fantastic. You could drink it two ways. One, you could have the tea first and then the coffee or second, you can mix the two and drink them! 


Now the important thing is, the drink has a very carefully done ratio, so even if you take a sip from the top layer of tea and mix them, it would ruin the taste. So you either have it one by one, or mix the entire thing at the start. 

Absolutely found it interesting and you gotta put this on your list! 



2. French toast from Parlour Boutique: 


Looking for some delicious hearty breakfast? Head down to Parlour Boutique located in the World Trade Centre aka WTC. They've got an amazing variety of breakfast dishes. And something that I'd want you guys to check out would be their French toast! Moist French toast topped with berries and cream. An absolute treat to your eyes and tummy! 




3. Vegan desserts from LifenOne:


Of course I'd include desserts! Since we just finished the Dubai Fitness 30x30, I am picking something healthy. The vegan cafe in LifenOne is a must visit for delicious vegan, guilt free desserts! 


The vegan donuts are my favorite! They’ve even got vegan cheesecakes and ice-cream sandwiches! The café is pet friendly, making it a paradise for animal lovers and also a perfect family hangout spot. Do check them out to indulge yourself in some desserts without feeling the pinch in your belly! 
Hope you enjoy these top picks as much as I did!

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Born and brought up in Dubai. Completed Bachelor's in Business Administration from Christ University, Bangalore. Currently working as an accounts assistant in DSO.
Food has been an integral part in my life. This lead to blogging about food - my first love.
Ps - I love tea and coffee equally. To decide on drinking one of the either is an endless cycle of feeling guilty choosing one over the other.
To know all about my food journey, find me on
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