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Breathe Your Way to Health

Are you breathing the right way? Yes! You would be surprised to know that almost 80% of us do not know how to breathe properly. But don’t worry! Pooja Tyagi tells you how to breath your way to a healthy life.

As they always say, there is no right or wrong age to begin your journey of yoga. What matters is the day you decide to begin your journey to a healthy life.
When nothing is helping you find your inner peace, give Yoga a chance and you will see the changes coming. As Guruji Piitabhi Jois says, “practice and all is coming.”
In this world, every one is trying to prove themselves somewhere or the other leading to anxiety, stress, tensions and list goes on. Yoga in this modern age is the best tool to overcome all your problems on emotional, physical and spiritual level. Practice daily and see the results on your own. Love yourself and give just half an hour to your body, mind and soul.
The most frequently asked question when it comes to Yoga is, “I am a beginner and don’t know where to start with!” And the easiest answer: Begin by corrective breathing; learning how to breathe the right way. Now you may ask, do I really need to learn how to breathe? I would say, while all of us are born with the ability to breathe, with time, stressful lifestyle, lack of sleep, incorrect posture and many other factors result in an improper and incorrect breathing technique that ultimately becomes our habit. 
There are several benefits of proper breathing. It helps lower your heart rate, lower the blood pressure, increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation, improve your metabolism and most importantly relieve stress. Ready to learn the correct breathing technique?
Here’s how to do it:
Sit in a comfortable position, cross-legged or on chair, back straight. Place your right hand on your abdomen and left hand on your chest. Now, through your nose take a deep silent breath.
What do you notice?
Does your abdomen come out on inhalation and goes back in on exhalation or is it vice versa? Now this is what we need to change. If you see a new born baby you will see when the baby inhales, his stomach comes out and goes back in on exhalation. Just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, focusing on your abdomen going in with exhalation and coming out with inhalation. Do this for at least two minutes to begin with, slowly increasing it to 20 minutes or longer, depending upon your comfort. Practice daily, morning and evening to see a positive change. 
As you continue doing this, you will notice a positive change in your stress levels, and will soon begin to notice change in your body functioning as well. With practice, it will become a habit and you will return to you original breathing technique that you were born with! It will take some time to change the pattern, it may be difficult in the beginning, but it is certainly not impossible.
So, start from today and give your self sometime. 
Om shanti

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I always want to be a Yoga Practitioner. My journey with Yoga started with the Sivananda Ashram and then Bihar school of Yoga to learn Hatha Yoga. I travelled to Mysore to learn Ashtanga Vinyasa and currently learning under Suveer Balvi, my Ashtanga Guru. Change can only happen when you want to change and it takes time, daily practice and dedication.
The journey is internal and yoga teaches you that.

Love peace happiness

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