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Meet Dimethicone: A Common Ingredient Sitting on your Dresser

We are sure if you have a habit of going through the ingredient list of your skincare and beauty products, then you would have noticed Dimethicone or other variants of this silicone based polymer. Let's see and review if this beauty ingredient it is safe to use.

Dimethicone, typically found in primers, foundations, skin creams, anti aging products, concealers, is a silicone based polymer and typically works like an oil.
It primarily smoothens and fills any cracks and lines and wrinkles on our skin and hence, it is frequently used in primers, concealers, foundations and anti aging products. It is believed to retain and lock moisture in your skin while giving it a smooth and flawless feel. 
However, while giving the skin a smooth texture, it forms a thin layer on your skin and blocks the skin's ability to breathe and also inhibiting the skin's ability to release toxins, therefore, resulting in skin problems like rashes, irritation, dry skin and acne.
To explain it in simple words, it is like marinating your chicken and wrapping it up in cling foil so that it doesn't come i contact with any external air and moisture and takes in all the juices and spices used for marination. So, typically, when you use a primer, foundation and concealer (all containing Dimethicone), you are i essence covering your skin in multiple layers of non-breathable cover of Dimethicone. The result is that your skin is unable to breathe and in most of the cases, it is unable to shed and release any toxins which result in pigmentation, acne, skin irritation, skin discoloration etc. Just like when you remove your nail-paint after a long time, you notice that your nails have turned yellowish and have lost their original sheen. 
Although, it is found to be non-toxic, considering its properties, the question that arises is, "Should you be using products containing Dimethicone? 
Our opinion would be if you already suffer from skin conditions like acne, you should definitely avoid and move to other alternatives such as aloe vera gel and other natural ingredients. If you still intend to use makeup, then make sure to use it only when needed. Don't forget to wash off such products before slipping into your PJs!
If you have a healthy skin, you may use such products for a few hours, but definitely not for the whole day (barring a few exceptions) and we would certainly not advice using Dimethicone based products as part of your night routine. 
So,  guess its time to look through your dresser and see if Dimethicone is hiding in some corner:) Choose wisely and stay healthy!!

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