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If you are in Lausanne and you're looking for some aromatic freshly brewed coffee, Look no further than The Coffee Project. Here's what our editor Karteekka has to say about this hottest coffee spot in Lausanne!

We had the pleasure of tasting the fresh aromatic coffee at the Coffee Project, on a beautiful rainy weekend. The coffee shop is conveniently located in the center surrounded by all top brands. Which means you can shop and take a delicious break whenever you want to! The rustic decor with gunny sacks hanging on the wall, beautiful wall canvases and the aroma of coffee make this place a must visit. 
The Coffee Project serves coffee from around the world from two beautiful locations in Lausanne and their focus is on single origin taste and maximum quality.
The founder of The Coffee Project, Greek businessman Vangelis Katselis, also an École hôtelière de Lausanne alumni, noted the growing demand for coffee in Switzerland. Using his knowledge of quality coffee beans, he decided to introduce fine coffee to the Swiss market alongside freshly made Greek pastries, such as tyropita (cheese pie) and the flaky spanakopita (spinach pie); as well as introducing their staple Greek drink Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso, all rare treats in Central and Western Europe.
The brand prides itself in being one of the first cafes in the country to serve single origin quality beans and aims to keep its standards high.

Among the coffee selections offered at the Coffee Project are beans from Ethiopia, El Salvador, Colombia, and Brazil. The specialty coffees available at The Coffee Project represent 5-10% of the world’s coffee production. They are procured from farms that implement rigorous standards of quality regarding harvesting, sorting, and processing.
According to the team at The Coffee Project, “Our obligation to our customers is to always serve notably good coffee.” And trust me, this is evident in their wide selection of aromatic coffee. 
A variety of espresso-based beverages can be found on their menu, including lattes, flat whites, and their fantastic drip Hot Brew V60. This light, filtered coffee made with Ethiopian Guji beans features a floral aroma of jasmine and apricot and is smooth and refreshing with a sweet milk chocolate aftertaste.
While my husband tried the espresso selection (he didn't stop at one!), my obvious choice was the Freddo Cappucino and of course, it was a hot chocolate for our little one:) The drinks taste better at The Coffee Project, as they are topped with wonderful hospitality of their team. 
According to The Coffee Project, the brand intends to expand into a chain throughout Switzerland that will be featured in standalone shops and within various Swiss restaurants.

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