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5 Most Important Things You Must Do To Keep Your Children Safe

We live in a world ruled by the internet, social media and ever increasing crime. Our children are susceptible to so many dangers. We understand you cannot become your children's shadow, but there are a few things you can do to keep them safe. Here are the 5 most important things you must do!!

Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities. Any decision you make can affect the lives of your children. A nagging fear for your child’s safety is always there somewhere in the back of your head. With so many cases of kidnapping and assault, this fear is valid but we can always take some precautionary measures. Here are the 5 things you can do as a parent to keep your children safe:
1) Check what they are watching on the internet.
The Internet is a necessary evil and in today’s world, it is impossible to survive without the internet as it provides a myriad of benefits. But they all come at a cost. We are all aware of the dangers lurking on the internet and innocent people especially are the most vulnerable to them. The endless scams, virus, malicious software all find their haven on the internet. An innocent click can take you to such dangerous waters. So it is extremely necessary to keep a watch on what your kid is doing online. Do not give them any more freedom online than what’s necessary.
2) Know who their friends are
Growing up, friends are an integral part of a kid's life; they are their family away from home. So, it is extremely necessary that they surround themselves with the right people and as a parent, it is our responsibility to make sure that they grow into wonderful human beings with quality friends. We aren’t asking you to become a hawk but it’s your right and duty to know whom your kids are hanging out with. After all, the company makes a huge impact on children.  
3) Talk to them about stranger danger
"Stranger danger" is the idea or warning that all strangers can potentially be dangerous to children. This is the most basic yet most important thing to do. Make sure your kids are aware of the stranger danger and teach them not to be friendly with strangers. This does not imply that you make them wary of new people but to teach them that there are limits such as accepting food or a ride from anyone unknown. Teach them about the dangers of associating with strangers without inducing in them a preconceived notion that all strangers are bad.
4) Good touch and bad touch
Given the current scenario of the world, a child should definitely be told how to distinguish between a good touch and a bad touch. And this goes for even the closest family and friends’ touch as in many of the child abuse incidents, family and friends were found to be responsible. We know that this can be a sensitive and difficult topic to talk about to the kids but it’s absolutely necessary.
5) Don’t leave them unaccompanied
Try not to leave your kids home alone or unaccompanied for long hours. A curious mind is capable of inexplicable things and hence it’s best to be at a place where you can watch your kids from. They can create a ruckus and indulge in harmful activities. Don’t invade their privacy, but at the same time don’t give them too much of freedom. No kid likes helicopter parenting but a check once in a while is a must. 

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