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Salaam Life is a dream come true for me. Ever since I was a child, I aspired to meet new people, hear their stories and share their experiences. With the advent of technology, we now have so many avenues and doors to share the plethora of knowledge that we have, but most of the information is scattered in the virtual space. And Salaam Life is our effort to brig in those stories, those experiences and those pieces of knowledge and wisdom under one platform.

Being surrounded by lawyers in my family, I don’t think I had much of a career choice with me, but the creative streak in me is perhaps something that is just the opposite of the legal mind that I have to carry for my day job. That creative streak is always on a run, thinking of one thing to another to another and what better way of feeding my creative hunger than Salaam Life.

Salaam Life is a portal for every gender and age. We are not just looking for women empowerment, but we are looking for gender equality, eliminating those barriers and that’s why under the feature “HaveHeartWillLive”, we feature stories from all genders and all strata of society. I believe, inspiration knows no boundaries and it can come from anywhere, in any form. Another thing that I always wanted to focus on under Salaam Life is travel and family. To me travel liberates one’s soul and family is what keeps us all grounded. We will share loads of travel stories and all kind of information you are looking for kids, education, school lunches, heath & fitness and of course mommies!

Apart from sharing issues close to my heart, Salaam Life also features entertainment, news, fashion, beauty, events and not to forget movies!

I hope through Salaam Life, I am able to make some difference in the lives of people around me.

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Karteekka Tyaggi
Founder, Salaam Life

Karteekka is a lawyer by profession and also a blogger by passion, trying to share her minimal knowledge of fashion and beauty tips. Find her here:

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We are a bunch of muddle heads, who want to change the world one “salute” at a time! We want people to say Salaam to themselves, say Salaam to their weaknesses, say Salaam to their fears, say Salaam to all the negative suggestions and thoughts around them and say Salaam to their life!
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